Saturday, January 28, 2012

Famers Insurance Open - A Sun-sational Week in SD!

A view from Torrey Pines by Jimmy

After a fun but windy week in the Desert, we made our way to the sunny California coast, San Diego. Jimmy wasn’t thrilled with his week at PGA West but is excited with the way his game is coming around since starting in Hawaii, and last week and this week are a testament to that.

I apologize for the delay in my post, but San Diego is a city I easily get distracted in! Add a few family members and fun friends in to the mix and suddenly it is Saturday night and I haven’t written a word.

Reluctantly, I tore myself away from the spectacular sunset off the Torrey Pine Glider Port and made myself sit down and get some writing accomplished.


One benefit of delaying my post until the end of the week is we were able to eat last night with some friends and celebrate an entertaining 65 on the North Course by Jimmy. 29 on the back does not happen every day, and it was really fun to watch.

I would like to thank our friends Tina and Bill, who are locals, for taking us to the wonderful restaurant, Ropongi in La Jolla, for dinner. An Asian fusion and sushi restaurant that, in a city full of great eats, did not disappoint. Even if sushi isn’t your flavor, don’t pass on this swanky spot. The tapas menu alone is enough to delight a wide range of palates.

Although everything that passed our lips were fantastic be sure to try the Hot Rock Thin Sliced New York Steak, Hamachi Toro Tacos, and Polynesian Crab Stack, just to name a few. And with a menu this fantastic and upscale atmosphere, reservations are strongly recommended.

For a morning brunch or an afternoon lunch with friends, I highly recommend The Cottage, also located in La Jolla. After a morning strolling around the fun local shops, the restaurant was recommended to us. The Cottage was perfect for our sunny afternoon, and it’s large patio allowed us to soak up the right amount of Cali sun.

I was very impressed with my Fried Egg Sandwich, and was practically licking my plate clean at the end of our visit.


After a great lunch, be sure to walk off a few of those calories by strolling around all the local La Jolla stores. With a few nationally known retailers and a lot of local flair, the shops around Silverado Street will keep avid shoppers happy and occupied.

I don’t normally share secrets like this but ladies for the best brow wax on the planet check out The Brow Bar. It’s amazing how something like a little shaping can change your whole face! Now, if I could just have one of the girls travel with me every week!

#7 Torrey Pines, North Course


I am sure there are thousands of websites touting how amazing the San Diego Zoo is but, after my second visit I must say, it really is an amazing and special place. Young children and adults of all ages will marvel at the sheer size of the animals and the park itself. Be sure to bring your walking shoes because it’s quite a hike from one end of the giant park to the other but well worth it!

The last day at Torrey Pines will not disappoint, so head out to one of the most picturesque spots of the year and cheer on the worlds best as they tackle the ever imposing South Course. Between the Navy jets buzzing the course, and the Marine holding the American Flag pin on the 14th green, I feel so proud to be an American and a golf wife.


A great evening view from our bus this week!


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